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Operation Ketosis: My Plan of Attack for Post Pregnancy

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​P L A N  A H E A D  O R  P L A N  T O  F A I L

As my delivery date approaches, I’ve been devising a plan of attack for getting back into ketosis and crushing my weight loss goals! Every new mom just wants to feel “normal” after having a baby and I am no exception. 

If you’ve followed my keto pregnancy, then you know I didn’t focus on my macros or staying in ketosis. I applied the principles I’ve learned from keto and led a healthy lifestyle throughout my pregnancy but I was not strict with myself. I gained a healthy amount of weight, mostly just in my belly, and felt pretty amazing through the whole thing! I definitely credit the foundation formed with a keto lifestyle to my healthy pregnancy. 

Even though I am mentally ready to just jump right back into strict keto, I’m not naive. Bringing home a new baby has its own set of challenges so I know that planning ahead and being prepared is going to be the key to my success. I don’t want to fall victim to exhaustion and use it as an excuse to eat all the things. Plan ahead or plan to fail! 

So, how exactly am I going to accomplish that you wonder? 





Through the next few posts I will show you exactly what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it, and what tools I will use to get into ketosis. 

My plan includes:

  • Tracking Macros with the Keto Diet Tracker app
  • Measuring Ketones with a Keto Mojo Blood Glucose Meter



Because I plan to breastfeed my baby, my macros are going to be slightly higher than average. To make sure the baby and I have enough nutrients, I plan to start around:

1800 calories | 135g F | 50g NC | 80g P

I’ll adjust those as needed but that’s my starting point. Most research I’ve read suggests 50g of carbs per day for a breastfeeding momma. The higher carbs are necessary to maintain a healthy milk supply. The caveat is that I *might* have trouble staying in ketosis. (more on that to come!)

You can read more about breastfeeding and keto here. 

If you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, you will want to stick to 20-30g of carbs per day. If I am unsuccessfully able to breastfeed, I will definitely go back to a normal range of macros.



Getting into ketosis is not hard, it just takes diligence and commitment. The advice I will outline in this series is what worked for me what I first started keto. It’s important to keep in mind that YOUR body is different from mine and what exactly works for me, might not work for you. But, if you apply the principles I outline, you should be able to achieve ketosis and get started on your keto journey! Other posts you might like: