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Getting Into Ketosis with the Keto Diet Tracker App

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This post is sponsored by The Keto Diet Tracker App. All opinions are my own.


O P E R A T I O N  K E T O S I S

In this series, I’ve been sharing different pieces of my plan for Operation: Ketosis. In this post, I’m going to explain why I think tracking macros is critical to your keto journey and share my new favorite macro tracking app- the Keto Diet Tracker.

T R A C K I N G  M A C R O S

The BIGGEST factor for my future success (and yours too!) is going to be macro tracking!

I’ve said before that I think macro tracking is really essential when you’re new to keto because most of us haven’t got a clue as to what a proper serving of food is. I definitely didn’t and honestly, still struggle with that sometimes! We assume carrots are a free-for-all food since it’s a veggie but the truth is, carrots have a lot of carbs! And when you’re only allotted a certain amount of carbs in a day, it’s important to budget them!

This is where macro tracking is really going to be key! I came across an amazing new app called the Keto Diet Tracker. It’s a food tracker designed specifically for a ketogenic diet! 



Say whaaaaaat?!?!

Yes, I know. I was pretty pumped too! 

When you set up the app, it asks you some basic questions (age, weight, activity level, etc.) and calculates keto macros for you! It completely eliminates the need to go online, find a macro calculator, go back to an app and manipulate the settings…blah blah blah. This app does it all for you right from the get go! It’s a total time (and headache) saver! 

(Bonus: if you don’t like the macros it suggests, you can manually adjust them!)

Oh, and if you’re someone who wants to count total carbs instead of net carbs, there’s just a button to push to switch modes. No more counting sugar alcohols and fiber. Yasss! It really couldn’t get much easier! If I needed any more convincing on using this app over others, this feature was the deciding factor!


Another thing I love about the Keto Diet Tracker app is the interface. It’s clean and simple. There aren’t ads everywhere or a “news feed” you have to navigate around. There is 1 main page that houses all the information you need to keep yourself in check through the day. 

They also have this handy dandy info page where you can find help on anything keto diet related! For example, need a refresher on the definition of ketosis? They have an article for you! 

When you open the app, your macros and food log are clearly visible. You don’t have to break down your food by meal either. Just log what you eat, when you eat it. You can log up to 5 foods per day for free or buy a pro subscription for as little as $1/mo and have unlimited logging abilities and premium features. That’s a very small price to pay for success! (Just skip Starbuck’s twice this month!)

Want to track your activity, water consumption, and weight? Yep, it does that too! 

You can scan labels, search for restaurants, and do everything all of the other apps do. But this one separates itself from the pack by focusing on the highlights a keto eater wants to see! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Oh, and they have over 900,000 foods in their database so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to find accurate nutrition information for your foods! No more garlic powder listings that have 8000 calories and 500 carbs…yeah, you know that has happened to you too on other apps. *insert eye roll*

One last thing I LOVE about this app is that you can copy a previous day’s food log into the current day. For example, if you’re someone who meal preps and eats the same thing every day for breakfast | lunch | dinner then you’ll love this because you won’t have to manually enter all your food every day. Or in my case, I’ll be pre-planning my meals (info coming in next post) and can schedule it in my app to make sure my macros are good for the upcoming days!


Talk about convenience! The Keto Diet Tracker app really makes it easy to start keto and stay keto, which is probably my favorite aspect about it. Starting keto or getting back into ketosis (like I will be) can be so overwhelming and having products like the Keto Diet Tracker app on the market to make it easier are Godsends! The developers really thought of everything a ketoer would want! To them, I say THANK YOU!

If you’ve never tracked your food, I highly encourage you to start. Yes, it can seem tedious but I promise it is worth the effort! You don’t have to do it forever, especially as you get far along into your lifestyle, but in the beginning, it’s crucial. Apps like the Keto Diet Tracker make it as easy as possible for you to be successful!

You can download the Keto Diet Tracker app for iPhone and Android in their respective app stores or by clicking this link

C O M I N G  U P

Next, I’ll be sharing my plan for measuring ketones. I did not measure ketones when I first started keto but with my new circumstances, it’s going to play another vital role in my future success. Also, it’s pretty cool! I’ll explain the different methods for measuring ketones, which ones are and aren’t effective, and share with you exactly what I’m going to use to monitor my ketones. Stay tuned!