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How to Stay Keto & Treat the Family

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If you feel like you’re constantly left out of the fun when your family goes out for a treat, then you’re doing keto wrong! In this post I show you how to plan ahead and keep it keto!

This post is sponsored by Freddy’s USA. All opinions and photos are my own.


One of the aspects I love most about keto is its adaptability. You can go virtually anywhere and find something to eat that is keto friendly.  People who don’t understand keto will hear “no carbs”, “no bread”, “no grains”, and “no sugar” and think “psh, yeah right! I could NEVER do that!”.

What those people fail to realize is while there are a few things we choose not to eat, there is S O  M U C H we D O  E A T !!!



If you live in a household where not everyone eats keto, such as children or spouses, no one has to suffer when someone wants to go out for a treat!  

My trick: look at the menu online (if available) BEFORE you go! Know what you’re walking into with a PLAN! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times…plan ahead or plan to fail.



This week, my family and I went to a newish diner in town called Freddy’s. They’re famous for steakburgers and frozen custard! It’s an All American feel kind of place. Super family friendly, affordable, and easy to swing by on a busy week night! At our location, Tuesday’s are “kids night” so littles get a free balloon and frozen custard!  

I checked out the menu online before we left and I was a little bummed because all I saw were burgers and fries. I thought, “okay, I’ll just get a double (or triple!) bacon cheeseburger without the bun. No problem, I’ve done this a million times.”

But when we got there, I was SO excited to find out that not only did they have a lettuce wrap option but they also had a side salad that just wasn’t on the menu! Keto win!  

If I had not ASKED the server, I wouldn’t have known! Don’t be afraid to make substitutions and ask questions, friends! Especially in today’s day and age, most restaurants have options like this even if they aren’t listed not the menu!



The burgers at Freddy’s were ahhh-mazzzing! Not greasy, really filling, and FRESH! They actually have “gourmet” hot dogs too! My son had one of those so you know I snuck a bite (sans bun) and holy yum, so good! My kids also indulged in their frozen custard (okay…momma had a little too but I’m 9 months pregnant, gimme a break) and it was to die for!

If you have a Freddy’s where you live, add it to your keto-friendly restaurant list! I promise you will be in bunless keto burger heaven!