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One of the BEST New Tools to Help You on Your Keto Diet

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This is a sponsored post by the KetoDiet App. All opinions are my own. 

How many of your friends or family have started keto this year? Keto has surged in popularity and familiarity recently! It’s so exciting that people are starting to accept that fat is NOT the enemy!

With keto becoming so popular, the market is inundated with “keto stuff”. There are so many tools, resources, blogs, products, and apps out there for keto now. Sometimes it can be hard to weed out the good ones from the bad but don’t worry, that’s where I come to help! When I find something that is LEGIT, I share it with you!

My newest discovery is an app called KetoDiet. You might be familiar with Keto Diet App Blog. Any Google or Pinterest search for keto related information will yield top results from KetoDietApp. But did you know they also have an app?!

I didn’t. But I do now! And y’all, it’s honest to goodness one of the BEST tools I’ve found and used since I started keto a year ago! Let me show you why…


No, really, it does ev-er-y-thing you need to start and maintain your keto diet. There is a macronutrient calculator to help you set your macros. Bonus, it will also adjust automatically as your body composition changes, if you’re logging that data. You can also track your stats (weight, body fat, measurements, ketones, glucose, etc.) every day.  I like to track my ketone readings every day so I can see what foods affect my levels the most!  

Obviously, you can track your food every day but it also lets you track ahead! Want to plan out your entire week on Sunday as you’re meal prepping? You can do that with the KetoDiet app. And if you’re someone who eats the same. exact. thing. every day for breakfast | lunch | dinner, you can copy your meal (s) from day to day so you don’t have to input everything each time. For example, I make my coffee the same way every morning so I just hit the little “copy” button and it puts it in there for me! Totally take the guesswork out! #convenienceatitsfinest

Want to add a meal from a restaurant?  There’s a database that can find menus from your local restaurants so you can track when you’re on the go. I LOVE this feature! I check it while I’m sitting in the drive-thru to make sure I order something keto friendly!

Do you create meals on a whim without following a recipe? Yeah, me too, all the time. The problem with that is I don’t always know the macros of my food. The KetoDiet app will let you create a custom meal so you can calculate your own macros. This is especially helpful when you’re making a recipe but use different ingredients or brands than the recipe calls for! *Hint hint* 😉


Let’s be honest, looks matter when it comes to technology. Nobody wants to look at a plain, boring app interface. And none of us want an app that underwhelms on the “extra” features. The KetoDiet App is the total package. It has supermodel quality looks with Ivy League quality features.

The daily planner is my favorite feature. It just shows you what you want to know: how many macros you’ve eaten and what’s left for the day. If you want to double check what you’ve logged you can just expand the day but you’re not forced to scroll all through everything to get to the good stuff.

The app also features a warehouse of information! It has a Keto Diet Guide that answers all kinds of questions you might have about keto such as getting started, how much to eat, what to do if you hit a stall, and a bunch of other helpful stuff! This is awesome because you don’t have to switch out of the app to go get online or Pinterest to research your question and end up getting side tracked doing so and wind up spending an hour scrolling Facebook. Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

On top of all of that, this app features 300 recipes that are exclusively made for the app! You can actually preview them on their blog too! If none of those strike your fancy, the blog has over 700 recipes you can choose from! Have a sweet tooth? There’s a recipe for Keto Chocolate Caramel Slices. Um…YUM! Or how does Italian Sub Keto Roll Ups sound?

Skip Pinterest, Google, or Instagram and get delicious recipes right on the app that you’re going to eventually log it in anyway! Genius! And don’t worry, if you’re someone who wants a paper copy of a recipe while you’re cooking, there’s an option to download and print too!



I don’t really think there is anything this app doesn’t do. The developers really thought of all the little details. And they did it in a way that even the less tech savvy folks can easily navigate through. Oh, and it’s compatible with iPads too! I LOVE that!

Apps like this usually cost you upwards of $5 EACH month but the KetoDiet App is only a ONE TIME purchase of $8.99 in the Apple Store. (it’s currently only available for iOS) You can also purchase the KetoDiet Basic for $3.99. If you have an Android, you can download the apps as well but not all features are available yet (they’re working hard to get it paired though)!

If your old school diet tracker is leaving a lot to be desired, go download the KetoDiet App today! Your future self will thank you!