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4 Reasons You Need a Monthly Subscription to The Keto Box

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This post is sponsored by The Keto Box. All opinions are my own.

Part of the fun as a blogger is keeping you up to speed with what’s new, what’s cool, what works, and what you should not waste your money on. I love when I test out a product and know that you guys are going to love it too! Trust me, there have been some real duds but I only share the absolute best with you!

Today we’re talking about THE KETO BOX ! Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage these days. You can sign up for one from just about any major store in any shopping category anymore! These little packages of goodies give you so much to look forward to each month!

I recently tested out The Keto Box’s monthly subscription service and y’all, it rocks. I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was blown away! I mean, just check out the loot that was stuffed in this little ‘ol box?



Let’s break down the top 4 reasons YOU need to try out The Keto Box this month!



I mean, seriously, did you see everything that’s in that box?! My absolute favorite thing about this subscription service is that everything in the box was brand new to me!

I hadn’t previously tried, or even heard of, the majority of the contents! The folks over at The Keto Box scour the country to find you high quality, unique, low carb foods. Everything in this box was truly sugar free and keto friendly. None of them were “fake keto” (you know, ‘normal’ products trying to be passed off as keto) and unusable.

As someone who lives in a fairly small town that doesn’t offer much in the way of specialty products, this was a real treat!

A few of the items included in this month’s box were:

Freeze Dried Avocados by Señor Avocado

-Brother Bru Bru’s Chipotle Pepper Sauce

-Food’s Alive Flax Crackers 

-KetoBrownie Blondie 

If you REALLY love something in your box, The Keto Box also includes coupon codes for all of the items included!




Let’s be honest, even after seeing all the amazingly cool stuff in the box, we all want to know how deep we have to reach into our pockets. As someone who is a bit of a budget and cost analysis nerd, I was 100% impressed with the return on investment.

Fact: a 1 month subscription is $40 + shipping. You can save 5% by ordering a 3 month subscription and 10% with a 6 month subscription.

Fact: if I individually bought all of the items in this box, it would cost at least $150. The keto brownies alone are $30 if you order directly from the company!

Fact: if I individually purchased some of the items in the box, I’d be forced to buy them in multi-packs. The Keto Box gives me a full size sample to try before I buy!

Verdict: you get your monies worth! I think this is a great way to spend some of your fun money every month!




Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Okay, well some people don’t but they’re not our target market here. If you crave that “ooh I can’t wait to see what’s inside” feeling, then The Keto Box is definitely for YOU!

I was stoked to see what was going to be in my box. I purposely avoided Instagram videos and posts from people who got their’s before I did! Ha!

Not knowing what I’m getting is like a little Christmas preview every month. Except, I’m guaranteed I won’t get wool socks from Great Aunt Mary. Win!





If you’re a Type A personality, have commitment issues, or just like to have control of your stuff, then The Keto Box is the right low carb subscription service for you. I checked out some of the competitors and The Keto Box is the ONLY one that lets you sign-up and cancel on your own. In other words, you wear the pants in this relationship.

That kind of thing is important to me and I know it’s important to other people. Can’t afford your box one month? No problem, turn off your auto-renew in your account. Want to change your subscription from monthly to yearly? No problem, just do it in your account.

I’m such a millennial in the sense that I haaaaaate making phone calls. I will try every other avenue for contacting a company before picking up the phone. So, the fact that I can self-service my Keto Box account makes me extremely happy.

If you’re in the market for a keto goodie box, definitely check out The Keto Box! Be sure to share the Keto Box love with your friends too! If you a refer a friend, you get $5 off your next box! And use #theketobox to be entered in monthly giveaways!