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Naturally Boost Your Immune System on Keto

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If we’ve learned anything over the last eighteen months it is the importance of a strong immune system. How do we support our immune system naturally without compromising our diet and lifestyle? What are the best supplements for a keto diet? This post will cover it all, including my favorite immune boosting supplements from Further Food, Ultimate Immune Support and Elderberry Soothing Syrup.

How to support your immune system naturally without compromising diet and lifestyle. Best supplements for keto.

I am proud to partner with my friends at Further Food to bring you this post. All material is original and not intended as medical advice. Please consult a physician before beginning any supplement regimen.

What is the immune system?

Your immune system is a complex machine that is made up of cells and proteins that attacks bad bacteria and viruses when they enter your body.

A strong immune system can attack these bad bacteria without you ever feeling a hint of illness.

A weak immune system may not have enough power to attack the bad bacteria, letting them multiply, and you ending up sick!

Why should you support your immune system?

If we do not take care of bodies with the food we consume, the products we use, and regular exercise, our immune systems will weaken.

We’ll be more susceptible to illness, feel sluggish, look haggard, and just not feel well. Internally, our body won’t be strong enough to keep us healthy.

Think of it like this: our cars have brakes which are made of rotors and pads. The pads protect the rotors. When the pads wear down, we can still drive but we run the chance of running the rotors. To prevent this, we get our brake pads changed regularly for a fairly inexpensive amount. When we forget to change the brake pads, we end up needing new rotors which costs us much more money.

Our immune system is just like those brakes. If we don’t feed our immune system well now, we may end up sick later.

Sometimes we even do all of the “right” things but our immune systems can still become compromised by environmental factors out of our control or if you have an auto-immune disorder.

So how can we boost our immune system naturally to help us stay healthy and feel our best?

The answer: eat well, exercise and take immune support supplements.

What supplements are good for keto? What is the difference between a vitamin and a supplement?

What is the difference between a vitamin and a supplement?

If food is medicine, natural living is the supplement. They go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

But how do we distinguish between vitamins and supplements? How do you know what to look for in a supplement? Let’s break it down.


Vitamins are naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables, plants, etc. Think vitamin C, vitamin A, b12. Our body does not create vitamins. We must consume them. They are a type of supplement.


Like the word implies, supplements supplement our diet. According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, “Supplements are any product that adds nutritional value to your diet or augments health”.

For example, collagen (which I’ve written about many times) is a supplement that we can’t take to aid in gut health!

What supplements can boost the immune system naturally?

There are many supplements you can take to boost your immune system. Elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin K, garlic, echinacea, and green tea just to name a few!

Supplements typically come in pill form but nowadays you may also see them in powders, liquids, or oils. The bioavailability (i.e. how much your body actually absorbs) will vary depending on what you’re taking and how you’re taking it.

Some people choose to take a plethora of different vitamins and supplements every day. Personally, I find it hard to maintain a routine that consists of several different supplements, bottles, and special orders.

Are supplements safe for keto?

Yes, if you are maintaining a strict keto diet, supplements are imperative for you specifically. There is some study to suggest that a ketogenic diet is void of many vitamins and minerals that are found in foods not associated with keto.

For example, some higher carb fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that our body needs daily. Someone eating a keto diet may be lacking in those nutrients when they eliminate certain foods.

Supplementing with the Further Food Ultimate Immune Support Supplement may help combat the nutrients lost on a keto diet.

Why I use Further Food supplements

Just like with essential oils, there are many brands of supplements on the market but not all of them are pure and provide the most benefits.

That’s why I have come to love Further Food’s Ultimate Immune Support and Elderberry Syrup. The Ultimate Immune Support is one pill that contains 27 immune boosting ingredients!

Incorporating the Ultimate Immune Support Supplement into your routine helps to protect your immune system year round!

Elderberry for natural immune support

The Further Food Elderberry Syrup is also a great way to boost your immune system naturally.

Elderberry is a commonly known superfood to aid in immune support. It may be used proactively as a supplement and reactively when you’re starting to feel sick.

Elderberries are high in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that help keep your immune system resilient.

The Further Food Elderberry Syrup also contains honey, cinnamon, and clove which all aid in fighting infection.

Also, elderberry is generally safe for children (consult a pediatrician first) too. They will love the taste of the syrup and you can feel confident feeding their little immune systems more of what it already loves!

What I love most about Further Food’s Elderberry Syrup is that it contains only 1g of sugar per teaspoon where most brands are upwards of 8g!

Why I stand behind Further Food

I’ve written many times about Further Food. They are a company dedicated to wellness and one that I stand behind for their commitment to providing very high quality products affordably.

Further Food utilizes respected doctors, scientists, clinicians, naturopaths, and other leading health experts to research, test, and develop their products.

Further Food products are 3rd party tested by independent labs so you can feel confident knowing you are consuming the safest and most effective products. They insure there are no heavy metals in their products that could put your body in jeopardy.

How to start an immune support regimen

It’s never too late to start supporting your immune system! You don’t need to wait till Monday or wait till the next meal. You can start now!

Figure out a time that works best in your schedule and when you’re most likely to remember to take your supplements.

When should you start a new supplement regimen?

Set it by your toothbrush, coffee pot, or carry it in your purse. Set a timer on your phone so you don’t forget.

Personally, I keep my supplements on a pretty tray in my bathroom, by my toothbrush, so that I can take them first thing in the morning when I’m getting ready. I’m less likely to forget early in the day rather than in the evening when I’m tired.

If I notice one of our children starts having the sniffles, complains about a sore throat, or anything cold related, I start them on the elderberry syrup right away. With consistent use, their sniffles stay at bay and we don’t develop full fledged colds!

Consistency is key

The more consistent you are with your supplements, the more effective they will be.

You may not notice or feel any different when you begin your supplement routine. That’s ok!

When the next cold season rolls around and you don’t get sick, you can remember you supported your immune system all year with high quality, all natural, immune boosting goodness!