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Turmeric on Keto: why you need it + keto chai latte

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Turmeric on keto is like extra sprinkles on an ice cream sundae! Find out why turmeric is so powerful and how you can deliciously add it to your keto diet.

Turmeric on keto is like extra sprinkles on an ice cream sundae! Find out why turmeric is so powerful and how you can deliciously add it to your keto diet.

Thank you so much to Further Food for sponsoring this post! You can save 15% off your daily turmeric tonic by using code “ketoinpearls”.

Have you noticed that everyone and their bestie is using turmeric lately? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve been hearing the word turmeric thrown around quite a bit. What is turmeric anyway and why do we need to use turmeric on keto? Oh girlfriend, let me tell you all about this magical, ancient, earthy, concoction and an easy and delicious way to use turmeric on keto.

Disclaimer: this post is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult a physician before beginning any new health regimen or changing medications.

turmeric [too-mer-ick]

I’ll be honest, turmeric (my southern self pronounces it too-mer-ick) is relatively new to me even though it has been around for literally thousands of years. I was introduced to turmeric by my gal pals over at Further Food. They’re the same lady gang that got me hooked on collagen!

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Further Food has this ahhh-maaaa-zinggg product called Turmeric Tonic that is a daily dose of kickass for your insides. But before I explain why I am newly in love with this stuff, let’s chit chat about turmeric first.

If you have no clue what turmeric is and all this time assumed it was just a random spice people add to Indian food, let me educate you real quick!

Turmeric is an ancient (we’re talking over 4500 years, y’all) spice that originated in India! It’s been used in both food and medicine for centuries. So stinkin’ cool!

The spice that you’re familiar with is very similar to the ginger root and it’s called the rhizome. The golden color that is so symbolic of turmeric actually comes from something called curcumin.

Stay with me, this is where it gets interesting!

Curcumin, not to be confused with cumin, is the healing property of turmeric. The ancient practice of Ayurveda (basically natural healing common in the East since 500 b.c.) bases alot of its practices around Curcumin.

what’s so special about turmeric?

So, turmeric is essentially a powerhouse of natural healing. We’re talking MEGA health benefits! Let’s break down those benefits in girl talk style and save the science for the experts!


Turmeric is known to attack bad cells in the body, like cancer cells, before they have a chance to spread! Whoa, right?!

reduces joint pain & inflammation

Turmeric is known to help relieve pain from osteoporosis and arthritis. The Curcumin mentioned before is the key to the anti-inflammatory property in turmeric. It may be used as a replacement for ibuprofen when taken daily. (note: it can take 4 to 8 weeks to notice a significant difference)


Turmeric is antimicrobial and excellent for repairing skin cells. It can aid with healing scars, acne, and help your skin glow!

gut health

Turmeric is known to help with our digestive systems. Combine it with it’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties and you can improve symptoms of gas, bloating, or even ulcers!

blood sugar regulation

We all know keto is an incredible way to naturally defend your body against diabetes but turmeric is another! Further Food explains it this way:

But when we incorporate turmeric into the diet, bioactive curcumin plays a role in stimulating the enzyme AMPK, which then signals glucose uptake from the blood into the cells.

When you add all of the amazing benefits of turmeric to your already amazing ketogenic diet, the benefits are phenomenal. You’re getting an even bigger boost of the healing aspects we love about keto in turmeric.

Put it this way: it like extra sprinkles on top of an ice cream sundae. Who doesn’t want more sprinkles?

For a more in-depth explanation of turmeric, read this post on Further Food’s blog.

how to use turmeric on keto

Turmeric is surprisingly easy to incorporate in your ketogenic lifestyle. You can make keto recipes with turmeric, drink keto golden lattes, keto turmeric tea, all using a supplement like Further Food’s Turmeric Tonic.

As with literally anything we use, quality is of upmost importance when using supplements either medicinally or preventatively. Of course, you can hop on Amazon and buy the least expensive turmeric capsule you see but how can you be sure you’re getting the most potent, cleanest, and purist product? There’s always such a gamble when purchasing that way.

That’s why I am a huge supporter of Further Food. They source the highest quality ingredients and don’t add fillers, sugar, or even sugar alcohols. All of their products are completely keto friendly, including this Turmeric Tonic from Further Food!

keto turmeric tonic

Turmeric Tonic is a powerful blend of turmericboswelliacinnamon, schisandra berry, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper.

Each one of the ingredients has a special role in the daily tonic!

Boswellia: aka Frankincense (like the one the wise men brought Jesus) is anti-inflammatory, can help heal infections, and reduce pain

Schisandra berry: helps with mental clarity and may protect against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s

Ginger: reduces joint pain, inflammation, and helps lower blood sugar

Cinnamon: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Cardamom: prevalent in Ayurvedic Medicine for its anti-inflammatory and infection fighting properties

Cloves: antioxidant

Black Pepper: helps the body absorb the benefits of the aforementioned, namely the turmeric

Further Food's Turmeric Tonic Has Even MORE Benefits

what does Turmeric Tonic taste like?

On its own, turmeric is an earthy, savory, and robust spice. It’s commonly used in curries. If you’re into Indian food, there’s no doubt you’ve had turmeric.

You have also probably heard of golden lattes and turmeric tea! Those are both very popular drinks these days.

Zero carb keto chai latte with further food turmeric tonic

This Turmeric Tonic is of a chai inspired flavor. The cloves, cinammon, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper will make you think you’re drinking a Starbucks chai tea latte but I saved you the headache that is literally every Starbucks.

Personally, I think the turmeric tonic taste JUST like Biscoff cookies. Call me crazy, but when you mix the turmeric tonic with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and zero carb sweetener (I like this one for coffee and tea), it is like a Christmas cookie in a cup.

But, if chai tea lattes aren’t your thing, you can use also use your Turmeric Tonic in any recipe that calls for turmeric.

Plus, the tonic is zero carb, zero calorie, sugar (and sugar alcohol) free and vegan/vegetarian friendly!

Keto chai latte with turmeric tonic. Zero carb, gluten free, dairy free

Be sure to head over to Further Food’s shop and grab a jar of the Turmeric Tonic. A 30 day supply is only $12.30 (reg. $14.50) when you use my discount code ketoinpearls!

Zero carb keto chai latte with further food turmeric tonic

Keto Chai Latte

Anna Hunley | Keto In Pearls
Zero carb, gluten free, and dairy free chai latte. Use Further Food Turmeric Tonic to make this delicious and easy drink.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Beverage
Servings 1 drink
Calories 38 kcal



  • Using a milk frother, steam the almond milk until warm.
  • Add the turmeric tonic and sweetener to the frother, or transfer to a blender, and blend until incorporated.
  • Transfer to a mug and dust with a bit of cinnamon.
  • Enjoy warm.


A milk frother is ideal for this beverage because it will steam and froth the milk. The one linked below is the same one I use and love. If you don’t have or want a frother, warm the milk in the microwave or stove before adding the turmeric and sweetener.


Serving: 1gCalories: 38kcalCarbohydrates: 1.3gProtein: 1.3gFat: 3.1gFiber: 1.3g
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