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over 100 recipes

Anna has provided over 100 keto recipes that are effortlessly made in your Instant Pot. Save time cooking and cleaning with these easy, clean, and scrumptious one-pot low carb meals!


Every recipe includes the macros per serving to make eating keto easier for you!

The Family Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

Kid Friendly

All of the recipes are written with kids in mind! Picky eaters are sure to love these low carb, mostly gluten free, and sugar free recipes!

budget minded

Anna knows all too well how expensive it is to raise a family is. That is why all of the recipes use basic low carb and gluten free ingredients that are easily accessible.

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About the Author

Anna is a work-from-home mom to three who loves pearls, monograms, and home cooked Southern food. When she started eating a ketogenic diet in 2017, everything she knew about cooking had to be un-learned. As she began experimenting in her revamped low carb kitchen, she started blogging her culinary creations on Keto In Pearls.

Feeding children a sugar free, grain free, and low carb diet presented another set of challenges. Anna wanted to provide recipes for parents just like her that struggle to get their kids to eat a better diet. She wrote The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook to help ease the burden for all the modern home cooks out there trying to feed their families delicious, quick, and easy low carb meals.