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How It Started

Keto in Pearls began in 2017 as the result of one tired and unhealthy mom who was looking to change hers and her family’s future.

In an attempt to make eating a low carb diet family friendly and budget friendly, Anna embarked on the task of creating meals to share with others. She never dreamed that her recipes would reach around the world like they do today.

Where We Are Today saw rapid growth over its first couple of years, much more than most bloggers see so quickly.

Today, Keto in Pearls reaches millions of people around the world annually. Anna is a best selling author and has even grown her family by 2 more since the website launched!

While keto recipes are a primary focus, Anna believes that health and wellness are not one sized fits all. There are many ways to eat in a way that promotes natural healing, longevity of life, and wholesome nutrition.

New recipes range from keto, gluten free, Paleo, Whole30, low carb, low fat, dairy free, and anything in between.

Anna also believes in the importance of natural living, non-toxic home life, and caring for the environment. Other posts found on the website include topics such as these.


Anna believes the best blogs will never reach people without effective marketing strategies. She prioritizes SEO, organic email subscribers, and building relationships with readers through social media.

With the changes to social media over the last year, Anna has realized the importance of organic growth from the web, Pinterest, and maintaining readership via regular email newsletters.

Anna sends multiple emails each week with new recipe notices, reintroducing previously written posts, and a monthly newsletter called The Crunchy Prep where she helps her readers learn how to live a more natural lifestyle.

We love working with companies that share a love for natural, clean, and healthy lifestyles!

If your brand is interested in collaborating, please send an email to [email protected]

Please note that we do not accept guest posts or paid advertising.