Chocolate Caramel Gluten Free Brownies

Rich chocolate and velvety caramel grace these almond flour brownies with sweet decadence! These gluten free brownies taste anything but healthy and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Prep Time: 10 MinS

Cook Time: 25 MINS


– almond flour – allulose  – cocoa powder – baking powder – salt – eggs – vanilla extract – half n half – butter – sugar free caramel sauce

These brownies are moist and gooey. This caramel keto brownie recipe is so rich and sweet it will satisfy any sweet tooth.

What Do These Caramel Brownies Taste Like

The first is swirling the caramel into the batter so that your brownies are caramel flavored.  The second option is topping the brownies with the caramel.

How To Use The Caramel In The Brownies

I would suggest increasing the sweetener amount by 1/3 to 1/2 cup to make up for the sweetness lost from the caramel.

Can The Caramel Be Omitted From These Gluten Free Brownies

While the recipe is written with allulose, you can use whichever sweetener you prefer.

What Kind of Sweeteners Can Be Used To Make This Keto Brownies Recipe

Allulose is a natural sugar alternative. But, unlike sugar, it is not metabolized by the body and used for energy. This makes it similar to monkfruit or erythritol.

What Is Allulose?