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Protein on Keto: Should You Eat More?

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How many times have you heard or read that too much protein on a keto diet will kick you out of ketosis? Did you know that is a total myth? If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say they were worried about eating too much protein on keto I could put my kids through college.

this post is sponsored by Further Food. all opinions are my own.

Want to know a dirty secret?

I used to be one of those people. Ahh! I know!

Do you know what happens when you don’t get enough protein?

Bad things. Bad, bad things.

Like hair lossmuscle losssore achy bodieshunger, and a whole host of other problems that I promise you don’t want to deal with!

Actually, hair loss is such a common problem for people on a ketogenic diet that I wrote an entire post about it. Did you read that yet? I’ll wait while you pop on over and read that one.

Okay, you’re back. What did you think? Crazy, right?

Not getting enough protein can wreak havoc on you and your hair and who wants to destroy their luscious locks? Not me!

how can you consume more protein on keto?

It’s a simple fix: eat more protein.

That’s it. 

There isn’t a magic formula you need to crunch. Simply consume more protein every day. 

We call protein grams a goal because it should be your goal every day to eat ALL of your protein macros. 

Notice I didn’t say some, half, or almost all. I said ALL. As in every. single. one.

(If you don’t count macros, then you needn’t worry about this part so much. Just be sure to not skimp on your protein.)

But I know what you’re thinking…”Anna, I can’t eat more. I’m already maxing out my calories, I’m not hungry, I already struggle to eat as much as I need”.

Doubting girl, don’t fret. I got you.

further food collagen peptides will save you of your protein woes

Adding an extra dose of protein every day is way easier, and tastier, than you realize.

Remember my collagen TED talk in this post? That’s your answer!

Further Food has made it so easy for us to add protein to our diet with their products. And they’ve made it even tastier with their new chocolate collagen peptides!

1 scoop of Further Food collagen peptides have between 7g and 9g of pure protein*! 

(*actual count varies by product)

So if you add 2 scoops of collagen peptides to your day, that’s roughly 14g-18g of extra protein with minimal calories added.

Here’s another fun fact: adding an extra 40-50 calories to your day from the consumption of collagen peptides will not make you gain weight. I promise. 

but wait, there’s more!

Not only do Further Food collagen peptides give you an extra boost of protein every day, they also do mega good things for your

  • skin (read: wrinkles and cellulite),
  • gut health (read: healthy gut means less chance of a stomach bug), and
  • bones (read: osteoporosis prevention).

You may have to get an extra manicure every month or color your grays a little more frequently but who’s complaining about that?!

I’ve been a long time supporter of Further Food because not only do they sell a superior product, their main mission is to help people be well, holistically. 

And they do all of that with an environmentally friendly footprint!

Is too much protein on keto bad for you? Learn why that is a common misconception and how you add more protein to your keto diet with a collagen regimen.

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Their new chocolate collagen just launched and let me tell you that it is fabulous!

Unlike many other chocolate protein powders on the market, Further Food’s doesn’t have additives, fillers, MCT oil, exogenous ketones, or sugar alcohols. 

Get more protein in your Keto Diet with Further Food's new chocolate collagen peptides! Paleo, keto, and sugar free collagen with Reishi mushrooms and cocoa powder!

The chocolate collagen peptides are sweetened slightly with monkfruit, my favorite zero calorie and zero glycemic index sweetener!

They are also enhanced with Reishi mushrooms which helps the body relax and destress because it’s a mood boosting (and immune boosting) adaptogen!

Basically, this chocolate literally helps you relax. Don’t we ALL need that?!

Don’t worry, you can’t taste anything “earthy” and the collagen blend dissolves perfectly!

keto chocolate milk and chewy chocolate cookies with further food chocolate collagen peptides

(want this chocolate cookie recipe? click here!)

To be sure my crunchy tastebuds weren’t biased, I tested the chocolate collagen on my kids. 

I made them a keto hot chocolate with almond milk and they LOVED it! 

Kids are tough to pass healthy foods on, not to mention mushroom infused powders, and they didn’t say anything about the taste or texture! 

Personally, I’ve been enjoying keto mocha lattes every morning!

It’s really easy to make: 1 scoop of chocolate collagen peptides, frothed half n half, and sugar free vanilla syrup.

This stuff is so legit, y’all!

Whether you are strict keto, paleo, or just looking for a healthy addition to your diet, this Further Food Chocolate Collagen is for you!

TL;DR: protein is really important and you need more of it every day. Consume extra protein on keto by using Further Food Chocolate Collagen Peptides!