Meal Plans

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Let me make your keto diet a little easier with a fully prepared weekly meal plan!

Starting at $4.99 per week

What’s Included Each Week:


5 day meal planner

Meal plans are designed to maximize your macros and your budget. 4 dinner plans are included in each week. Some meals repeat to utilize leftover food (no waste here!). Breakfast and lunch options vary per week. Recipes included are all made by Keto In Pearls.


grocery list

Save even more time with the prepared grocery list. Organized by department for easier shopping. Check off what you already have and add extras your family needs in the space provided!


suggested eating plan + macros

Take the guess work out of budgeting your macros. The sample eating plans are designed to give you a clear idea what a typical day of eating would look like. Macros are calculated in My Fitness Pal with recipes and ingredients found in the meal plan. Net Carbs are kept between 11-25 grams per day. Fat grams, protein grams, and calories are intentionally left lower for flexibility.


tips for success

Meal prep suggestions and bits of wisdom are provided to help you maximize your success on your keto journey!

want a customized meal plan?

If you have specific foods needs, likes, or dislikes, we can work together to create a customized meal plan for you. Just email me at to get started!



Disclaimer: Meal Plans do not guarantee weight loss, changes in health, etc. Always consult a doctor before making any big changes to your diet.

Sharing Is Caring

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