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Keto at Disney

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Disney World is the most magical place on Earth but is it keto friendly? My family recently took a trip to Magic Kingdom and I scoured the park to help you stay keto at Disney. This post will show you several quick service options for keto friendly foods at Magic Kingdom!

Before we left for our Disney rendezvous, I made a deal with myself that I would try my hardest to find keto friendly options and not eat off-plan. Not only am I trying really hard to lose baby weight, I’m also trying to learn how to have fun and make memories that aren’t centered around food or eating.


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We spent 3 full days in Magic Kingdom with our 7 and 3 year olds. I planned ahead by packing protein bars, my sugar free coffee syrup, collagen packets, and my favorite keto candy (ChocZero). I was SO thankful I had these items with me every day otherwise I would have been very hungry!

The true keto options VERY limited at Disney quick service stations. Most of the meals are kid friendly foods: pizza, chicken tenders, French fries. I totally get it, it’s Disney and there are a bazillion kiddos to feed and keep happy. And of course, you’re going to be inundated with ice cream, pastries, slushies, and candy. 

The good news is that there WERE places all around the park that I found ways to make it possible to stay keto. We did not crisscross the park just to eat so I made sure to find a keto option in whatever area of the park we were in at the time. Some times that meant I ate a protein bar that I had packed in my bag. Other times it meant I grabbed something at a different station than the rest of my crew.

There’s a Starbucks on Main Street that has all of the same options as your hometown store. Granted, the prices are a little higher but it’s a start! 

We were able to grab the kids’ breakfast and our coffee. Another option for breakfast is to eat at your hotel or resort. We stayed at a resort near Disney Springs that had a well stocked cafe/market in the lobby that we utilized often.


As far as meals go, we don’t like to stop for a long time to have a dine-in meal at the restaurants. We stick to the quick service places that let you walk up to order or mobile order (on the My Disney Experience app)! 

Many places have hot dogs (or corndogs) that you can pull off the bun. Some quick service places, like the Liberty Square Market, have things like cheese or nuts that you can grab to go with it too!

The hot dogs around the park are all beef and very filling! If you like Costco hotdogs then you’ll like these too!

You can also grab giant turkey legs in Liberty Square! They’re so big you could share it with your spouse or child! They smell and taste heavenly!

There were also a few places around the park that served grilled chicken, salmon, and salads. I found one of these type places in Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, and at Pinocchio’s Village Haus in the middle of the park. 

They aren’t the biggest salads for the price you pay but it’s enough to fuel you back up for the rest of your day! You could always order an extra chicken or burger patty to go along with your salad. 

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I asked for my dressings on the side so I could control the amount. None of the dressings I received had nutritional information on them so I don’t know what the exact macros would be. The good news is that most dressings, even junky ones, are low in carbs. Plus, you walk SO much at Disney that the exercise offsets alot!

I also found a few places that served burgers and tacos! Cosmic Ray’s Cafe in Tomorrowland and Pecos Bills in Frontierland both had topping bars where you could load up your meat with all the fixins! This was probably my favorite option throughout our entire trip!

One thing I found inconvenient was that a lot of the foods were pre-made so if you asked for a BBQ sandwich without the sauce, it would take upwards of half an hour for a fresh batch to be made without sauce. If you’re trying to maximize your time in the park, that probably isn’t a feasible option for you.

Several people informed me that you may ask for the allergy menu and see what gluten free options they have. I didn’t ask to see these menus so I can’t tell you exactly what’s on them. It’s not advertised on the large menus so you have to ask the cashiers. Just remember gluten free doesn’t always mean low carb! 

If you stick to the basics and don’t have high hopes for fine dining (LOL!) then you’ll be able to eat within your diet. Of course, it is Disney and if you want to have a free-for-all then by all means, go for it! I definitely enjoyed my very first Dole Whip!

But, I felt so much better eating my keto and low carb foods and staying in ketosis. My energy level stayed high, I didn’t have a mid-afternoon crash, and I never felt fatigued through the day. That was invaluable to me as we walked 5-8 miles every day! 

Overall, the pickins are slim at Magic Kingdom. If you really want to stay keto, it is possible, but you have to be diligent. If you’ve found any keto friendly options at Disney, share them in the comments below!