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30 Keto Christmas Gift Ideas

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Need ideas for the perfect Keto Christmas gift? I have 30 ideas that your keto friend or relative are guaranteed to love! 
This post is not sponsored by any brand referenced. All opinions and suggestions are my own.

‘Tis the season for aimlessly wondering store aisles trying to find the. perfect. gift. for each person on your Christmas list! Children are easy, teenagers want cash, and grandparents just want to spend time together.



But what about the friend or relative on your list that just started keto? It probably figures they’re the one person you always gave a box of gourmet chocolate covered cherries to each year, right?! 

Well, I’m happy to report that shopping for your keto friends and family is easy and inexpensive! It’s also a great way to show your friends and family that you support their healthy lifestyle! 

Some of the items in this post contain affiliate links. That just means I earn a teeny tiny commission at no additional cost to you. You can click on each photo to be directed to the seller or retailer. 

Ho! Ho! Ho!


1.  For the Subscriber

Mostly subscription boxes are all the rage these days. Not only are they a great way to try new products every month but they’re the gift that keeps on giving. And most, if not all, companies have options to send their boxes as gifts. Here are my top 4 choices for keto subscription boxes:

Keto Krate

The Keto Box


Pedersen Farms via Simple Grocer


Butcher Box


2. For the Snacker

ChocZero is my FAVORITE keto friendly chocolate, ever. Period. End of story. Even my non-keto friends and family love it and rightfully so. A few boxes of the Keto Bark, some Maple Vanilla Syrup, or bags of Chocolate Squares would make a great stocking stuffer for the keto chocolate fiend on your list! You can also use my discount code ketoinpearls for 10% off your entire order!

Protein bars also make great stocking stuffers! Here are some of my favorite and most recommended keto friendly protein bars!


3. For the Coffee Lover

Is there a person on your list who runs on coffee and ketones? Then they need a milk frother! I have this exact Secura Milk Frother and I looooove it! I can get that perfect foamy cream every morning without leaving my kitchen. It will also warm your cream as it froths. It’s a boujee little appliance for under $40. 


This small blender by Ninja would also be a great gift for the coffee lover! Easily whip up your BPCs (bullet proof coffees) in a blender that stores easily in the cabinet or takes up minimal space on the counter! This one is on my Christmas list too!


4. For the Cookbook Aficionado 

Cookbooks always make fabulous gifts! You can give them to the newlyweds, first time home buyers, or anyone who likes to cook! These are some of my personal favorite keto and low carb authors (and friends)!


5. For the Gadget Minded Cook 

Have someone on your list who likes to play with all of the latest kitchen gadgets? Air fryers, Instant Pots, and homemade ice cream makers are fun and unique gifts! 

Ice Cream Maker for sugar free treats!

Air Fryer!

Instant Pot!



6. For the Techie

Everyone has one person to shop for that is the techie of the bunch. They can be hard to buy for since some items are crazy expensive. Fitness trackers and ketone meters are fun tools for a keto lifestyle! If you have a keto techie person on your Christmas list this year, they’re sure to love one of these gifts! 

Fitness Tracker

Keto Mojo Ketone Meter



7. For the Reader

Know somebody who always has their nose in a book? Here are some of the most talked about and respected books in the keto community. You could also give the gift of Audible by Amazon to the person who loves to read but doesn’t have time! Listen on the go with the Audible app on your smartphone!



8. For the One Who Likes to Workout (or just wear the clothes)

Let’s face it, athletic wear is not what it used to be. Work out clothes are cute and practical. There really isn’t a gym membership expected to go along with these clothes. 



9. For the Baker

Every home cook needs a wide array of baking pans to make all the things! Each of these items is inexpensive and could be bundled together in a basket for a themed gift!

Whoopee Pie Pan

Donut Pan

Silpat Baking Mats


Well, there ya have it folks! 30 gift ideas that anyone who lives a ketogenic lifestyle are guaranteed to love! Just call me Mrs. Claus!